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200 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2010

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200 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2010

Annoying Expression of the Year #154: "Shut up!" (in response to an interesting bit of information)

Jonathan Swift hated the word bowels. Gloria Swanson, star of the movie Sunset Boulevard, hated the word glamor, while the character she played, Norma Desmond, hated comeback. Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko hated the word relationship ("the kind of sterile word used by lawyers and sociologists and other menaces"). Carson McCullers hated the words prose and poetry, though she wrote both.

British novelist V.S. Naipaul hates the word novel, documentary filmmaker Irving Saraf hates documentary, and news anchor Katie Couric hates the word panties ("a cheesy word for underpants"). Of course, many of us claim to hate the word hate.

As shown in our article 200 Words and Expressions That Tick You Off, people have various reasons for disliking (or downright loathing) certain words. It may be a buzzword that has worn out its welcome (such as paradigm or proactive). Or an overly familiar redundancy (added bonus, future plans), mispronunciation ("nuc-u-lar" for nuclear), or usage error ("between you and I").

Some of us have "zero tolerance" for elision (definally for definitely), malapropisms (mitigate for militate), minced oaths (frak), blends (bromance), or verbing (to effort or incent). Sometimes the hostility gets personal--as with expressions favored by an ex-spouse (couch potato) or a dimwitted boss (bottom line).

Since posting the original 200 Words and Expressions, we've continued to collect your verbal peeves (also known as logomisia or word aversion). And here are the results: 200 words and phrases that ticked you off in 2010.

Awesome, isn't it?

To add an expression that ticks you off, visit 100 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2013 and click on "comments" at the end of the post.

  1. absolutely
  2. access (as a verb)
  3. actual
  4. agree to disagree
  5. Aim high.
  6. all the sudden (instead of "all of a sudden")
  7. amazing
  8. a.m. in the morning
  9. American consumer
  10. And you are?

  11. anomalous
  12. anyways and anyways to change the subject
  13. anywho
  14. Are you serious?
  15. ASAP
  16. as everyone knows
  17. as per
  18. at my earliest convenience
  19. awesome possum!
  20. axe (instead of "ask")

  21. back at you
  22. basic fundamentals
  23. batter (instead of "batsman" in cricket)
  24. beside her/himself
  25. big society
  26. birfday (instead of "birthday")
  27. bla bla bla
  28. blowback
  29. body of work (as used by sportscasters)
  30. bored of (instead of "bored with")

  31. brain fart
  32. bromance
  33. but (at the end of a sentence)
  34. buy-in (management-speak for "agree")
  35. card (used as a verb)
  36. cheers (when used by waiters)
  37. chillax
  38. co-branded
  39. cold slaw (instead of "cole slaw")
  40. come on board (instead of "join")

  41. completely forget
  42. congressman or congresswoman (instead of "representative")
  43. continue on (instead of simply "continue")
  44. conversate (instead of "converse")
  45. cool beans
  46. coronate (instead of the verb "crown")
  47. data is (instead of "data are")
  48. de-thaw
  49. dialogue (used as a verb)
  50. die for (as in "a dessert to die for")

  51. Do the math!
  52. drug (instead of "dragged")
  53. empower and empowered
  54. epicenter (misused as a synonym for "center")
  55. even (as in "I don't even know what to think")
  56. exscape (instead of "escape")
  57. fabulous
  58. face time
  59. fakeaway
  60. flustrated

  61. folks
  62. for all intensive purposes (instead of "for all intents and purposes")
  63. free gift
  64. friend (as a verb)
  65. friggin
  66. FYI
  67. get our arms around (a project)
  68. ghetto (used as an adjective)
  69. ginormous
  70. give a shout

  71. glam cam
  72. gobsmacked
  73. gone missing
  74. gonna (instead of "going to")
  75. gots (as in "I gots to go now")
  76. ground-breaking
  77. grow (as a transitive verb for anything in the business or financial world, as in "grow our audience")
  78. Hasta la vista (if you're not a Spanish speaker)
  79. have a dialogue
  80. I heart (anything)

  81. I said to her I said
  82. I thought to myself
  83. ice tea (instead of "iced tea")
  84. iconic
  85. if I would have (instead of "if I had")
  86. if you will
  87. illegal alien (instead of "illegal immigrant")
  88. I'm good
  89. in actual fact
  90. in a sec

  91. innovative
  92. interesting
  93. invite (as a noun instead of "invitation")
  94. It goes without saying.
  95. It's all good.
  96. its (for "it's"--and vice versa)
  97. just so you know
  98. kumbayah moment
  99. last (instead of "most recent")
  100. lay (instead of "lie")

  101. level the playing field
  102. leverage
  103. liaise
  104. long story short
  105. loose (instead of "lose")
  106. marriage and marry (when not in reference to "wedlock," as in "marry our concepts and his products")
  107. mind-blowing
  108. might could
  109. mission critical
  110. more better

  111. mute point (instead of "moot point")
  112. myself (instead of "me," as in "They gave the package to myself")
  113. next generation
  114. no brainer
  115. no offense
  116. not for nothing
  117. not gonna lie
  118. Nothing is impossible.
  119. Obamacare
  120. of a certain age

  121. off of (instead of "off")
  122. oftentimes (instead of "often")
  123. oh (instead of "zero")
  124. on the ground (as in "We have to get more soldiers on the ground in Iraq.")
  125. on the year (instead of "this year")
  126. on tomorrow (as in "We'll meet on tomorrow.")
  127. onboarding
  128. orientate (instead of "orient")
  129. outpouring
  130. parenting

  131. partner (as a verb)
  132. peeps
  133. perfect storm
  134. personally (as in, "I personally . . .")
  135. pimping
  136. place where
  137. preorder
  138. preplan
  139. price point (instead of "price")
  140. problematic

  141. problem is . . .
  142. public option
  143. quote unquote
  144. reality (when it's not)
  145. refudiate
  146. retard (as an adjective or noun)
  147. robust (in reference to banks, businesses, and other things)
  148. scoot over and scootch over
  149. seen (as the simple past form of "saw")
  150. seriously

  151. sex (when "gender" would be more appropriate)
  152. sex it up
  153. should of and would of (instead of "should have" and "would have")
  154. Shut up! (in response to an interesting bit of information)
  155. small little
  156. solution (in a business context)
  157. somethink (instead of "something")
  158. so over it
  159. speak to (an issue)
  160. stakeholder

  161. state of the art
  162. step foot (as in "I never stepped foot in that shop before")
  163. surreal
  164. sushi (instead of "sashimi" for "raw fish"; "sushi" is rice)
  165. sustainable
  166. synergy
  167. tad bit
  168. take it for granite (instead of "take it for granted")
  169. take point on (instead of "lead")
  170. teachable moment

  171. that being said
  172. there you go (instead of "thank you")
  173. the thing is is
  174. throw (somebody) under the bus
  175. a time when and a time where
  176. top 10 most . . .
  177. to tell the truth
  178. touch base and touch basis
  179. touch wood
  180. transparency

  181. try and (instead of "try to")
  182. undoubtably (instead of "undoubtedly")
  183. unfriended
  184. up (used as a verb, as in "You should up your efforts.")
  185. veggies
  186. vice a versa (instead of "vice versa")
  187. wanna (instead of "want to")
  188. wax paper (instead of "waxed paper")
  189. way more (and any other use of "way" as an adverb)
  190. We're done here.

  191. Where are you at?
  192. whether or not
  193. white stuff (instead of "snow")
  194. whole 'nuther
  195. win-win for everyone
  196. with regard to and with respect to (instead of "about")
  197. with that being said
  198. xerox (instead of "copy" or "photocopy")
  199. You can't be serious!
  200. you guys
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