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Figures, Tropes, and Other Rhetorical Terms (page four)


Repetition of Letters, Syllables, and Sounds

  • alliteration
    Repetition of initial consonant sound.

  • assonance
    Identity or similarity in sound between internal vowels in neighboring words.

  • embolalia
    Hesitation forms (meaningless filler words, phrases, or stammerings) in speech.

  • homoioteleuton
    Similar sound endings to words, phrases, or sentences.

  • homonyms
    Words that sound alike but have different meanings and/or spellings.

  • homophones
    Two or more words that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning, origin, and sometimes spelling.

  • malapropism
    Absurd or humorous misuse of a word, especially by confusion with one of similar sound.

  • parechesis
    The repetition of the same sound in words that are close together.

Repetition of Words, Phrases, Clauses, and Ideas

  • anadiplosis
    Repetition of the last word of one line or clause to begin the next.

  • anaphora
    Repetition of the same word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses or verses.

  • antistasis
    Repetition of a word in a different or a contrary sense.

  • commoratio
    Repetition of a point several times in different words.

  • diacope
    Repetition broken up by one or more intervening words.

  • epanalepsis
    Repetition at the end of a clause or sentence of the word or phrase with which it began.

  • epimone
    Frequent repetition of a phrase or question; a refrain; dwelling on a point.

  • epiphora
    Repetition of a word or phrase at the end of several clauses.

  • epistrophe
    Repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses.

  • epizeuxis
    Repetition of a word for emphasis (usually with no words in between).

  • isocolon
    A succession of phrases of approximately equal length and corresponding structure.

  • parison
    Corresponding structure in a series of clauses.

  • pleonasm
    Needless repetition.

  • ploce
    Repetition of a word with a new or specified sense, or with pregnant reference to its special significance.

  • polyptoton
    Repetition of words derived from the same root but with different endings.

  • polysyndeton
    A style that employs a great many conjunctions.

  • synonyms
    Words having the same or nearly the same meaning.
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