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Expanding Sentences With Prepositional Phrases

A Sentence-Expanding Exercise


This sentence-expanding exercise will give you practice in applying the principles and guidelines in these two articles:

Expand each sentence below by adding one or more prepositional phrases that answer the question(s) in parenthesis.

The cat jumped and pounced.
(What did the cat jump off of? What did the cat pounce on?)
The cat jumped off the stove and pounced on the gerbil.

There are countless ways to expand each sentence, but you will find sample answers on page two.

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  1. The students laughed.
    (What did the students laugh at?)

  2. The man tripped.
    (What did the man trip over?)

  3. Visitors arrived yesterday.
    (Where were the visitors from?)

  4. The candles flickered.
    (Where were the candles?)

  5. Gus hid the candy bar.
    (Where did Gus hide the candy bar?)

  6. Last night I watched a YouTube video.
    (What was the video about?)

  7. Sid sat.
    (Where did he sit? With whom did he sit?)

  8. The teacher spoke.
    (Who did the teacher speak to? What did she speak about?)

  9. The spaceship landed.
    (Where was the spaceship from? Where did it land?)

  10. Jenny stood, raised her Super Soaker water gun, and aimed it.
    (Where did she stand? What did she aim at?)
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