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Apostrophe Exercise: Combining Sentences with Possessive Nouns


This exercise will give you practice in applying the principles introduced in Using Apostrophes Correctly. To view this exercise without ads, click on the printer icon near the top of the page.


Combine the sentences in each set below, changing the word order so that the nouns in bold show possession. Supply an apostrophe or an apostrophe plus -s wherever necessary. Here's an example:

  • Original: Tubby sings. His singing drives me crazy.
  • Combined: Tubby's singing drives me crazy.
If you run into any problems completing this exercise, review the pages on Using Apostrophes Correctly and Introduction to Sentence Combining. When you're done, compare your responses with the sample combinations on page two.

  1. Our neighbors have a dog.
    It chews gum.
    It drinks rum.

  2. My grandfather lives in the playhouse.
    The playhouse is in the back yard.
    The playhouse belongs to our children.

  3. Donna has a younger sister.
    Her younger sister lives in the Yukon.
    Her younger sister is a lumberjack.

  4. Do you remember the World Series?
    The World Series was last year.
    Do you remember which team won?

  5. Keith owns a Volkswagen bus.
    The bus is old.
    It was stolen last night.
    It was abandoned in a junk yard.

  6. I enjoy the sonnets of Shakespeare.
    For this reason I read them.
    I read them at least once a year.

  7. The newspaper came out this morning.
    The newspaper said that the concert had been canceled.
    The concert was supposed to be tonight.

  8. The pick-up truck crushed the motorcycle.
    The pick-up truck belongs to Oliver.
    The motorcycle belongs to Linda.

  9. The Johnsons have a garden.
    It is a vegetable garden.
    Raccoons visit the garden frequently.
    The racoons enjoy a midnight snack there.

  10. We watched the puppy.
    The puppy belongs to my neighbor.
    The puppy chewed a slipper.
    The slipper belongs to my sister.

For sample combinations, go to page two.

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