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pedagogical grammar



Grammatical analysis and instruction designed for second-language students.

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  • "Just as a pedagogical grammar can be regarded as a description of the grammar of a language made for teaching and learning purposes, to aid in the teaching and learning of that language, so pedagogical phonetics and phonology can be regarded as a description of the sound system and pronunciation of a language for the purpose of allowing teachers to teach it more effectively and learners to learn it more effectively. The point about pedagogical grammars is that they are not the same as linguistic grammars because they have different functions and uses."
    (David Taylor, "What Do EFL Teachers Need to Know About Pronunciation?" in Studies in General and English Phonetics, edited by Joseph Desmond O'Connor and Jack Windsor Lewis, Routledge, 1995)

  • "Drawing on work in several fields such as linguistics, psychology and second language acquisition theory, pedagogical grammar is of a hybrid nature, which usually denotes grammatical analysis and instruction designed for the needs of second language students. In its expanded view it involves decision making processes on behalf of the teacher which requires careful and time-consuming interdisciplinary work. This process is influenced by the teachers’ cognition, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes about the teaching of grammar."
    (Nagyné Foki Lívia, "From Theoretical to Pedagogical Grammar: Reinterpreting the Role of Grammar in English Language Teaching," dissertation, University of Pannonia, 2006)
Also Known As: ped grammar, teaching grammar
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