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Business Writing

Tips on writing effective emails, memos, letters, and reports.
  1. Cut the Clutter (6)
  2. Spelling Rules (5)

Twenty Quick Tips for Business and Technical Writers
This writing checklist will help you produce professional documents that are clear, concise, considerate, and correct.

What Is the "You Attitude"?
The "you attitude" is more than a matter of playing with pronouns or even of playing nice. It's good business.

Ten Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing
Whether we're composing a blog or a business letter, an email or an essay, our goal should be to respond clearly and directly to the needs and interests of our readers. These ten tips should help us to improve our writing whenever we set out to inform or persuade.

Twelve Tips for Improving Online Writing
Most online reading is actually skimming and scanning. So to grab and hold our readers' attention, we can't afford to waste words. The trick to writing lean on our blogs and websites is to keep the meaning and cut the rest. Here's how.

10 Tips on How to Write a Professional Email
Email remains one of the most common forms of written communication in the business world--and the most commonly abused. Follow these 10 tips to keep your messages clear, concise, professional, and polite.

How to Write a Letter of Complaint
Here's a project that will introduce you to brainstorming and give you practice in group writing. You will join with three or four other writers to compose a letter of complaint.

How Not to Write a Letter of Complaint
In the article "Compose a Letter of Complaint," we considered the characteristics of an effective claim--one that's likely to lead to a satisfactory resolution. Here you'll find a letter that ignores our good advice.

Evaluating a Claim Letter
This exercise will help you identify the characteristics of an effective letter of complaint. Analyze the claim letter from a subscriber to Qwickster, and then respond to the questions that follow.

Evaluation of a Student Progress Report
Three weeks after submitting their proposal for a class project, a team of three students turned in this draft of a progress report. Read this sample report, and then respond to the questions at the bottom of the page.

Evaluation of a Student Questionnaire
Three weeks after submitting their topic proposal for a class project, a team of three students turned in a progress report, which was accompanied by this sample questionnaire. Read the questionnaire, and then respond to the questions that follow.

Evaluation Exercise: The Worst Résumé Ever
This exercise will give you practice in revising and editing a young student's résumé.

How to Edit and Proofread Your Résumé
To be sure that your résumé is making the best impression (and not landing in the reject pile), consider these five editing and proofreading tips.

Sample Letter of Recommendation #1
In this sample letter of recommendation, a college professor recommends a student for a place in a graduate program.

Commonly Confused Words
Here in our Glossary of Usage you will find more than 300 sets of commonly confused words--with links to definitions, examples, and practice exercises that should help you to keep these words straight.

Top 10 Editing Tips for Business Writers
You can make your working life a little easier by editing your writing with these principles in mind: be clear, concise, considerate, and correct. Here are 10 quick editing tips for on-the-job writers.

Top 10 Proofreading Tips
Hear what Mark Twain had to say on the subject of proofreading, and then consider our ten tips for proofreading effectively.

Business Writing Websites
Business writers are often called on to compose special kinds of projects (such as memos, letters, reports, and proposals) that follow distinctive conventions. To learn more about those conventions, visit one of these outstanding websites for business writers.

Copyediting Terms
Copyediting is the work that an editor does to improve a manuscript and prepare it for publication. Here we reveal some of the jargon of the copyediting trade: 140 terms and abbreviations used by editors in their efforts to produce copy that is clear, correct, concise, consistent, and comprehensible.

Grammar and Usage Advice Sites
For answers to questions about some of the finer and fussier aspects of English grammar and usage, visit these three question-and-answer sites--all of them hosted by publishers of major style and usage guides.

Sites for Correcting Common Sentence Errors
The five websites described here focus on the most common errors in English: how to recognize those errors and (more importantly) how to correct them.

English as a Second Language Sites
Here are four superior websites for students and teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL).

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