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The Lighter Side of Language at Grammar & Composition

Simpsons, Sopranos, and SNOOTS


The Lighter Side of Language at Grammar & Composition

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Dr. House's clinical metaphors, Tony Soprano's menacing proverbs, Homer Simpson's outrageous figures of speech. Along with eponyms and euphemisms, family slang and mondegreens, these are just some of the odd, amusing and provocative topics covered on the lighter side of language at About.com Grammar & Composition.

The poet Walt Whitman described the English language as the "grandest triumph of the human intellect." But now and then the language seems to run amuck (our favorite loan word from Malay, by the way). Or maybe it's the language users who run amuck (also spelled "amok"). In any case, we've kept a record of those linguistic encounters that have left us smacking our foreheads--in amazement, vexation, or unabashed delight.

Here, culled from the hundreds of articles at Grammar & Composition, are 25 of those head-smacking moments. So please join us on a tour of the lighter side of language. (And to keep up with these eccentric events, register for the free Grammar & Composition Newsletter.)

Pop Goes the Culture

Puns, Peeves, Plurals, and Mixed Metaphors

There Must Be a Word for It

Punctuate This!

Waffle, Claptrap, Bafflegab, and Poppycock

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