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Yoke and Yolk

Commonly Confused Words


The noun yoke refers to bondage, servitude, or something that binds or connects (people, animals, ideas, or things). As a verb, yoke means to join together. The noun yolk refers to the yellow part of an egg.


  • Most of the Arab countries fell under the yoke of colonialism in the last two decades of the 19th century.

  • Woody Allen attempted to yoke elements of Groucho Marx and Federico Fellini into a single sensibility.

  • "From the two gritty windows a listless whitish light fell upon the stained green wallpaper with its yolk-colored floral design." (Fred Chappell)


(a) The need to _____ freedom to responsibility has never been greater.

(b) The _____ contains most of the known vitamins, with the exception of vitamin C.

(c) Dame Gillian Beer urged women writers to free themselves from the _____ of romantic obsession.

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