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To, Too, and Two

Commonly Confused Words


To, Too, and Two

The preposition to refers to a place, direction, or position. To is also used before the verb in an infinitive. The adverb too means "also" or "excessively." Two refers to the number 2.


  • Meg was too tired to walk home. I was tired, too. The two of us walked to a phone booth, and I called for a cab.

  • "Ferris, please. You've gone too far. We're going to get busted."
    (Mia Sara as Sloane in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 1986)


(a) I have wanted _____ visit Boise for years.

(b) I have always been _____ busy _____ go.

(c) Next week I am driving _____ Boise, and you may come _____.

(d) I'll be gone for _____ weeks.

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