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Names and Nicknames for Residents of States


It's easy to see why someone who lives in New York State is called a New Yorker. And why a resident of California is a Californian. But what do people in Massachusetts call themselves? And where do Huskies and Nutmeggers live?

In the first column of the table below, you'll find the official names for residents of the 50 states according to The United States Government Printing Office Style Manual. The right-hand column contains alternative names and nicknames.

For information about the origins of some of these names, along with the terms for residents of other countries and of major cities around the world, check out Paul Dickson's entertaining book Labels for Locals: What to Call People from Abilene to Zimbabwe (Collins, 2006).

Names and Nicknames for Residents of States

Official Names Nicknames & Alternative Names
Alabamian Alabaman, Alabamer, 'Bamer
Arizonan Arizonian
Arkansan Arkansasian, Arkansawyer
Californian Californiac
Coloradan Coloradoan, Highlander
Connecticuter Nutmegger
Delawarean Delawearer
Floridian Floridan
Hawaiian malihini (newcomer)
Idahoan Idahoer
Illinoisan Illini, Illinoyer
Indianian Hoosier, Indianan, Indianer
Iowan Iowegian, Iowigian
Kansan Kanser
Kentuckian Kentucker, Kentuckeyite
Louisianian Louisianan
Mainer Down Easter
Marylander Marylandian
Massachusettsan Bay Stater
Michiganite Michiganian, Michigander
Mississippian Mississippier, Mississipper
Nebraskan Husker
Nevadan Nevadian
New Hampshirite Granite Stater
New Jerseyite New Jerseyan
New Mexican
New Yorker Empire Stater
North Carolinian
North Dakotan
Ohioan Buckeye
Oklahoman Okie
Oregonian Oregonner
Rhode Islander Rhodian
South Carolinian
South Dakotan
Texan Texian
Utahn Utahan
Washingtonian 'Toner
West Virginian
Wisconsinite Cheesehead
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