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Store Name Puns: Cafes, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants

200 Punny Shop Names


Store Name Puns: Cafes, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants

Wiener's Circle (Chicago, Illinois)

Jest for the pun of it, here are the shamelessly punny names of cafes, chip shops, coffee shops, and restaurants found on the main streets and high streets of the English-speaking world.

Cafes, Chip Shops, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants

  • Aesop's Tables
    (Greek restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana)

  • Award Wieners
    (restaurant in Anaheim, California)

  • Bean & Gone Cafe
    (Auckland, New Zealand)

  • Bean Me Up Espresso
    (coffee shop in Spokane, Washington)

  • Brewed Awakening
    (coffee shop in Berkeley, California)

  • Brew Ha Ha
    (coffee shop in Phoenix, Arizona)

  • Burger Off
    (take-away restaurant in Hove, England)

  • Butty Boys
    (sandwich shop in London)

  • The Contented Sole
    (seafood restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida)

  • Crepevine
    (restaurant in San Francisco, California)

  • C U Latte
    (coffee shop in Brisbane, Australia)

  • Cup-A-Cabana
    (coffee shop in Corvallis, Oregon)

  • Custard's Last Stand
    (ice cream shop in Boulder Dam, Nevada)

  • Eat Must Be First
    (Chinese restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland)

  • Edible Complex
    (restaurant in Portland, Oregon)

  • Edinburger Takeaway
    (restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • En-Thai-Sing
    (Thai restaurant in Mildenhall, England)

  • Espresso Yourself
    (coffee shop in Newport, Pennsylvania)

  • Fish-cotheque
    (fish & chips shop in London)

  • For Cod and Ulster
    (fish & chips shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland)

  • For Cod's Sake
    (fish & chips shop in Cheltenham, England)

  • Franks A Lot
    (restaurant in East Dundee, Illinois)

  • Franks for the Memories
    (restaurant in Mundelein, Illinois)

  • Frying Nemo
    (fish & chips shop in Goole, England)

  • Goodbuy Mr Chips
    (fish & chips shop in Derby, England)

  • Goodfillas
    (sandwich bar in Bristol, England)

  • The Great Impasta
    (Italian restaurant in Champaign, Illinois)

  • Grillers in the Mist
    (fish restaurant in Katoomba, Australia)

  • Higher Grounds Cafe
    (coffee shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

  • Ho-Lee-Chow
    (Chinese restaurant in Toronto, Canada)

  • Howe’s Bayou
    (Cajun restaurant in Ferndale, Michigan)

  • Jamaican Me Hungry
    (restaurant in Key West, Florida)

  • Jonathan Livingston Seafood
    (seafood restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland)

  • Just Falafs
    (restaurant in London)

  • Just the Plaice
    (fish & chips shop in Swanage, England)

  • Kumquat Mae
    (vegetarian restaurant in Sheffield, England)

  • The Lattetude Bistro
    (coffee shop in Decatur, Georgia)

  • Lettuce B. Frank
    (restaurant in Santa Barbara, California)

  • Lettuce Souprise You
    (restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia)

  • Lord of the Fries
    (restaurant in Melbourne, Australia)

  • Lox Stock & Bagel
    (restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona)

  • Marquis de Salade
    (restaurant in Budapest, Hungary)

  • Men At Wok
    (Chinese restaurant in Williston, Vermont)

  • Mrs. Sippy’s Coffee
    (coffee shop in New Berlin, Wisconsin)

  • Mustard's Last Stand
    (restaurant in Melbourne, Florida)

  • Nincomsoup
    (restaurant in London)

  • Northern Lattes
    (coffee shop in Anchorage, Alaska)

  • Papa Razzi
    (Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C.)

  • Pete's A Place
    (pizzeria in Peabody, Massachusetts)

  • Pizza D'Action
    (restaurant in Holyoke, Massachusetts)

  • Pizza My Heart
    (restaurant chain California)

  • Plaice T Meat
    (fish & chips shop in Scunthorpe, England)

  • Pony Espresso
    (coffee shop in Dubois, Wyoming)

  • Prawn Broker Restaurant
    (Fort Myers, Florida)

  • Pullet Surprise
    (Southern & soul restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas)

  • Pulp Kitchen
    (restaurant in Canberra, Australia)

  • Relish the Thought
    (sandwich shop in Chicago, Illinois)

  • The Rock and Sole Plaice
    (fish & chips shop in London)

  • Roland Butter
    (sandwich shop in Glasgow, Scotland)

  • Sacred Chow
    (vegetarian restaurant in New York City)

  • Sam N'ellas Mad Cow Steak & Rib House
    (Colchester, Connecticut)

  • Samwidges Sandwich Delivery Services

  • Seoul Food
    (Korean restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts)

  • Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza Store
    (Newport Beach, California)

  • Sherlock's Home Restaurant
    (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

  • Syriandipity
    (Syrian restaurant in Toronto, Canada)

  • Thai Me Up
    (Thai restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • Thai One On
    (Thai restaurant in Seattle, Washington)

  • Thai Ping
    (Thai restaurant in Boonton, New Jersey)

  • Thai Riffic
    (Thai restaurant in Sydney, Australia)

  • Thai Tanic
    (Thai restaurant in Washington, D.C.)

  • Thanks A Latte
    (coffee shop in North Highlands, California)

  • Tony’s Toe-Main Cafe
    (Jersey City, New Jersey)

  • Via Agra
    (Indian take-away restaurant in London)

  • Wholly Crepe
    (restaurant in Los Angeles, California)

  • The Wiener's Circle
    (restaurant in Chicago, Illinois)

  • Wiener Take All
    (restaurant in Buffalo Grove, Illinois)

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