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100 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2011

Slang, Jargon, Clichés, Usage Errors, Redundancies, & Mispronunciations


100 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2011

Since posting the original 200 Words and Phrases That Tick You Off, we've continued to collect readers' verbal peeves. Here are the results for 2011.

The term logomisia (from the Greek for "word hatred") refers to a strong dislike for a word or phrase based on its sound, meaning, usage, or associations.

It's clear that many of you have experienced such word aversion.

Readers who contributed to our list of 200 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2010 won't find many surprises in this year's collection. You remain annoyed (sometimes profoundly disturbed) by buzzwords, vogue words, malapropisms, redundancies, and clichés. You're vexed and perplexed by instances of bureaucratese, legalese, and journalese. And you're clearly exasperated by usage errors of all kinds--including a few that aren't errors at all.

Here are 100 verbal pet peeves submitted by readers during 2011. To contribute an annoying expression to our next list, visit 100 Words and Phrases That Ticked You Off in 2013 and click on the "comments" link at the end of the post.

  1. Absolutely!
  2. Across the aisle
  3. Agreeance (for agreement)
  4. Analization (for analysis)
  5. Anxious (instead of eager)
  6. Are we having fun yet? (used sarcastically)
  7. ASAP (especially when used in speech)
  8. At the end of the day
  9. At this moment in time
  10. Awesome (and other overworked hyperbolic adjectives)

  11. Back-story
  12. Been there, done that
  13. Benchmark
  14. Bottom line
  15. Brain fart
  16. Butt naked (instead of "buck naked")
  17. Categorically deny
  18. Conventional wisdom
  19. Cooking up a storm
  20. Could care less (instead of "could not care less")

  21. Customers (instead of patients, in the health-care industry)
  22. Dealio (slang for deal)
  23. Double down
  24. Down to the wire
  25. Embattled (journalists' jargon)
  26. Embedded
  27. Epic (as a vague, all-purpose adjective)
  28. Extreme
  29. The fact of the matter
  30. Free gift

  31. Fungible
  32. Gift (used as a verb)
  33. Girls (in reference to women)
  34. Give a shout out
  35. Give me a break
  36. Going forward
  37. Have a good one
  38. Having said that
  39. Hella (as in "It's hella crowded in here")
  40. Icon and Iconic (overused and almost always inappropriate)

  41. Inappropriate
  42. Infrastructure
  43. Ish (used to convey mild disagreement with another person's opinion)
  44. It is what it is
  45. It's not my fault
  46. Just saying (after stating an opinion)
  47. Kick the can down the road
  48. Know what I mean?
  49. Kudos
  50. Like (when used as a discourse marker)

  51. Literally
  52. Look (when used to preface an answer)
  53. Love me some (as in "I love me some tamales")
  54. Luminary (for "anyone who is making big bucks no matter how evil they are as humans")
  55. Meme
  56. Moist
  57. My bad
  58. Narrative (when used as political jargon)
  59. No problem (instead of you're welcome)
  60. Pacifically (for specifically)

  61. Pass the smell test
  62. Penned (when used as a synonym for wrote)
  63. Perfect storm (in reference to anything except an actual storm)
  64. Pitcher (for picture)
  65. Play hardball (unless you're actually on a ball field)
  66. Price point (for price)
  67. Proactive
  68. Reboot (in reference to anything except a computer)
  69. Refudiate (for repudiate)
  70. Ridonkulous

  71. Right now
  72. Same difference
  73. Sexy (when used to describe sexless things)
  74. Simply (when used condescendingly in instructions)
  75. Skill set (for skills)
  76. So fun!
  77. Staunch (as in "staunch Republican/Democrat")
  78. Supposively (for supposedly)
  79. Sustainable
  80. That being said

  81. That's what I'm talking about
  82. That's what she said
  83. These ones
  84. Thinking outside the box
  85. Throw X under the bus
  86. Too funny
  87. Townhome
  88. Transitioning
  89. Under the radar
  90. Untimely death

  91. Utilize (when use is more appropriate)
  92. Vanilla folder (instead of "manila folder")
  93. Very unique
  94. Welcome to my world
  95. Wellness Center
  96. What are your co-ordinates?
  97. Whatever (when used as an exclamation)
  98. Whoa (as in "I was like, whoa")
  99. Womb to tomb
  100. You know? (when used as a discourse marker)
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