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In linguistics, the property by which successive sentences form a coherent text in contrast to a random sequence.

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  • "The three basic domains of textuality . . . are texture, structure, and context. The term 'texture' covers the various devices used in establishing continuity of sense and thus making a sequence of sentences operational (i.e. both cohesive and coherent). . . .

    "Another source from which texts derive their cohesion and acquire the necessary coherence is structure. This assists us in our attempt to perceive specific compositional plans in what otherwise would only be a disconnected sequence of sentences. Structure and texture thus work together, with the former providing the outline, and the latter fleshing out the details."
    (Basil Hatim and Ian Mason, The Translator as Communicator. Routledge, 1997)

  • "There are various senses in which a piece of writing may be said to be a 'text.' The word 'text' itself is the past participle stem of of the Latin verb texere, to weave, intertwine, plait, or (of writing) compose. The English words 'textile' and 'texture' also derive from the same Latin word. This etymology of the word 'text' is apparent in expressions that refer to the 'weaving' of a story, the 'thread' of an argument, or the 'texture' of a piece of writing. A 'text' may thus be taken to be a weaving or a network of analytic, conceptual, logical, and theoretical relations that is woven with the threads of language. This implies that language is not a transparent medium through which arguments are expressed, . . . but is interwoven with or provides the very filaments of the substantive arguments themselves."
    (Vivienne Brown, "Textuality and the History of Economics." A Companion to the History of Economic Thought, ed. by W. J. Samuels et al. Blackwell, 2003)
Also Known As: texture
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