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Problem-Solving Essay Topic: Balancing Responsibilities

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Problem-Solving Essay: Balancing Responsibilities

Many of today's college students face the challenge of balancing multiple responsibilities and demands on their time. Failure to balance these responsibilities can lead to frustrations at home, quarrels with friends, trouble at the work place, and poor grades in college classes. Based on your own experiences and observations, explain this problem in detail, evaluate alternative solutions, and justify the solution that you think is most appropriate and satisfactory.

To develop ideas for your essay, try using brainstorming strategies and the five problem-solving probes known as the pentad. Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate both the problems and the solutions.

Keep in mind that you're writing for an audience of your peers--fellow students who face multiple conflicting responsibilities. Though you may draw on your own experiences to illustrate the problems, don't focus the attention entirely on yourself. Instead, direct the paper at others who are experiencing similar problems.

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