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Practice in Identifying Indirect Objects

An Identification Exercise


An indirect object is a noun or pronoun that indicates to whom or for whom the action of a verb is performed. This exercise will give you practice in identifying indirect objects in sentences.

Each of the following ten sentences contains an indirect object. Identify the indirect object in each sentence, and then compare your answers with those on page two.

  1. Give Marie the prize.

  2. The taxi driver charged us twenty dollars.

  3. I wished my friends a happy new year and headed back into the house.

  4. After washing the dishes, I told the children a bedtime story about otters and eagles.

  5. Preetha often lends her brother money, but he never pays her back.

  6. Mikey handed me a note from his mother explaining his absence the day before.

  7. The young man built his family a house in an isolated hollow near White Bluff.

  8. Lynn bought her uncle a Western-style gray felt hat at the Franklin Sporting Goods store.

  9. Kate passed him the canteen, and he took a big drink of the cold water.

  10. Last fall our church group sent the missionaries mops and pails and building supplies.
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