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Exercise in Adding and Arranging Participial Phrases

Practice in Avoiding Misplaced Modifiers


This exercise will give you a chance to apply the principles introduced in Creating and Arranging Participial Phrases. Rewrite each sentence below, adding the participial phrase given in parenthesis. Be sure to position the participial phrase so that it refers clearly and logically to a noun in the main clause. In other words, avoid misplaced modifiers and squinting modifiers.

  1. I could hear thunder.
    (rumbling in the distance)

  2. Professor Legree repeated his favorite joke.
    (encouraged by the polite applause of the audience)

  3. The children gazed at the monkeys.
    (hanging by their tails from the branches)

  4. The monkeys stared back at the children.
    (hanging by their tails from the branches)

  5. I watched the sun rise over the ridge.
    (blazing over houses, farms, and fields)

  6. The first baseman bobbled the line drive.
    (distracted by an ostrich in the dugout)

  7. I found the kitten.
    (trapped inside the clothes hamper)

  8. Little Danny waited for the thunderstorm to pass.
    (hiding inside the clothes hamper)

  9. Merdine found a cupcake.
    (hidden behind the refrigerator).

  10. I hummed along with the music.
    (pushing my cart down the aisle of the supermarket)

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