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Quizzes on Figures of Speech: Review Quizzes on Figurative Language

Review quizzes on figures of speech and other rhetorical terms.

Pompous Proverbs: An Exercise in Brevity and Clarity
Proverbs illustrate twin principles of effective writing: directness and conciseness. In this exercise, you will translate 12 wordy versions of well-known proverbs into their original simple forms.

Review Quiz: Rhetorical Terms
This quiz should help you to understand, distinguish, and remember many of the rhetorical terms in our glossary.

Review Quiz: Top 20 Figures of Speech
This quiz should help you to understand and remember the terms and concepts introduced in our page on the Top 20 Figures of Speech.

Quiz on Commonly Confused Figures of Speech
This review quiz should help you to remember and distinguish the names of some of the less well-known but still important figures of speech.

The Big Quiz on Figures of Speech in Advertising Slogans
In this review quiz, we have collected 35 of the best known slogans introduced by advertisers over the past century. Your job is to choose the one figure of speech that each slogan most clearly illustrates.

A Quick Quiz on Lost Metaphors
To illustrate his point that metaphor "lies at the heart of language itself," Robert Claiborne examined the literal origins of hundreds of inherently figurative words. See if you can identify 10 of those words after reading Claiborne's brief histories.

Would You Repeat That, Please?
When it came to practicing effective strategies of repetition, classical rhetoricians had a bag full of tricks. Match the names of these ten repetitive figures of speech with the appropriate definitions and examples that follow.

Figurative Language Exercise: Personification
The eight passages in this exercise are richly developed with the rhetorical device of personification. Your job is to identify these figures of speech and explain their significance.

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