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The Apostrophe Quiz


The Apostrophe Quiz

This quiz will give you practice in applying the Guidelines for Using Apostrophes Correctly.

On your own paper, copy the one word in each sentence that requires an apostrophe to mark a contraction or show possession. Then insert the apostrophe where it belongs.

When you have completed the exercise, compare your answers with those on page two.

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  1. My mothers phone is missing.

  2. Sidneys hunting knife is made of stainless steel.

  3. This evenings concert has been cancelled.

  4. Its not my book, so it must be yours or hers.

  5. I put Johns rabbit back in its cage.

  6. My favorite dolls were destroyed in last nights fire.

  7. Both teddy bears are lying face down in Uncle Neds shed.

  8. Lets put the parakeets back in their cage.

  9. Guess whos coming to dinner this evening?

  10. Youll be sorry when I am gone.

  11. Toms wife has joined our bowling team.

  12. Jeremy and his kids wont be going to the wedding.

  13. Both boys bicycles were stolen.

  14. Last year the womens lacrosse team had an outstanding season.

  15. Life isnt about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself.

  16. Your little dogs barking is driving us crazy.

  17. We found grandpa sleeping in the childrens playhouse.

  18. Were all going on a summer holiday.

  19. This photo of my dad and his buddies was taken at last months dart competition.

  20. I wonder wholl buy the haunted house across the street.

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