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Practice in Placing Modifiers Where They Belong

Editing Exercise: Correcting Misplaced, Dangling, and Squinting Modifiers


The job of a modifier is to clearly describe or qualify another word or word group in a sentence. This editing exercise will give you practice in placing modifiers where they belong.

The sentences in this exercise contain modifiers that are misplaced, dangling, or squinting. Rewrite each sentence so that its meaning is clear, logical, and unambiguous.

When you have completed the exercise, compare your edited sentences with the sample answers on page two.

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  1. We bought an L-shaped crib for the twins named Double Delight.

  2. By working as a governess, Anna's tuition at Hunter College was paid for.

  3. At the age of four, my father decided that I should live with my grandmother in Beijing.

  4. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, Mr. Mooney's worst fears were confirmed.

  5. While driving along the coastal highway after midnight, a deer suddenly appeared in our headlights.

  6. We saw fire spewing from the engines on the wing, looking out the windows of the plane.

  7. After passing the Spanish exam with the help of my teacher I found a job tutoring a nine-year-old girl.

  8. To repair a jammed chain on a bicycle, the cranks need to be rotated backward while you pull the chain.

  9. The council decided on Wednesday to apply for a grant.

  10. While carrying a tray full of sizzling fajitas, Nancy's foot got caught on the leg of the counter.

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