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Identifying and Correcting Sentence Fragments

Sentence Diagnostic Test #1


This exercise will give you practice in identifying and correcting sentence fragments. You may find it helpful to review the examples and observations at the glossary entry for Fragments.

For each item below, write correct if the word group in italics is a complete sentence; write fragment if the italicized word group is not a complete sentence.

Correct each fragment either by attaching it to the sentence alongside it or adding the words needed to complete the idea. When you are done, compare your responses with the suggested answers on page two.

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  1. When you are worried, talk things over with someone who cares. Don't keep your troubles bottled up inside.

  2. Using a paper clip to pick the lock. Archie broke into the storeroom.

  3. Wild animals do not make good household pets. A wombat, for instance, may claw up your carpet looking for roots.

  4. After several delays throughout the afternoon. The game was finally canceled because of rain.

  5. Some sports are much more popular outside the U.S. Soccer and rugby, for example.

  6. While walking home, I noticed a stranger following me in the shadows. He was wearing a hockey mask and carrying a chainsaw.

  7. Jason stood in the doorway. His eyes blinking nervously, his fingers tapping on the frame.

  8. Two weeks at summer camp and a week at Maggie's farm. I was ready to go back to school.

  9. Katie works at the college snack bar. Every weekend and on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

  10. Before we entered the house, Holly peeked through a window. No one appeared to be home.

  11. Many common foods contain large amounts of sugar. Such as ketchup and hamburger buns.

  12. Raising the window so that I could clean the outside panes. I strained my back.

  13. Fred ran across the rain-soaked lawn. His shirttail flapping in the breeze.

  14. Whenever you get the urge to sing. Please stifle that urge.

  15. When the band played "Somebody That I Used to Know," I began to cry. It reminded me of you.
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