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Exercise in Using the Past Forms of Verbs

Combining Sentences With Regular and Irregular Verbs


In this two-part exercise in using the past forms of regular and irregular verbs, you will (1) select the correct form of the verb in parentheses, and (2) combine the sentences in the exercise into a cohesive paragraph.

If you are unfamiliar with sentence combining, you may find it helpful to read the article What Is Sentence Combining and How Does It Work?

This exercise has two steps:

  1. For each of the following sentences, write the correct past or past-perfect form of the verb in parentheses.
  2. Combine and arrange the 31 sentences in the exercise into a paragraph of 11 or 12 new sentences. You may add, delete, or alter words in the interest of clarity, coherence, and cohesion.

When you have completed both parts of the exercise, compare your work with the sample answers on page two.

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  1. Jughead (shut) himself up in his room last night.

  2. He (stay) there for seven hours.

  3. He (study) for the big test in history.

  4. All term he had not (open) his textbook.

  5. Often he had (forget) to go to class.

  6. Sometimes he (go) to class.

  7. He never (take) notes.

  8. So he (have) a lot of work to do.

  9. He (read) 14 chapters in his history book.

  10. He (write) dozens of pages of notes.

  11. He (draw) a time chart.

  12. The time chart (help) him to remember important dates.

  13. Then he (sleep) for one hour.

  14. The alarm (ring).

  15. Jughead (get) up to review his notes.

  16. He had (forget) a few things.

  17. But he (feel) confident.

  18. He (drink) a mug of coffee.

  19. He (eat) a candy bar.

  20. He (run) to the classroom.

  21. He had (bring) a rabbit's foot for good luck.

  22. He (arrive) early at the classroom.

  23. Nobody else had (show) up yet.

  24. He (put) his head down on the desk.

  25. He never (mean) to fall asleep.

  26. He (fall) into a deep slumber.

  27. He (dream).

  28. In his dream he (pass) the test.

  29. Several hours later he (wake) up.

  30. The room had (grow) dark.

  31. Jughead had (sleep) through the big test.

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