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Exercise in Using the Correct Forms of Irregular Verbs

A Sentence-Completion Exercise


This exercise will give you practice in using the correct forms of irregular verbs. Before attempting the exercise, you may find it helpful to review these two articles:

Complete each sentence below with the appropriate present, past, or past-participle form of the irregular verb in italics. When you're done, compare your answers with those on page two.

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  1. Uncle Bert told me he had _____ (sell) his car for one dollar to a needy family.

  2. No one answered when Freddie _____ (ring) the doorbell.

  3. We nearly _____ (freeze) our toes off in a bedroom that wasn't heated.

  4. Jessica suddenly remembered that a week ago she had _____ (lend) her brother a hundred dollars.

  5. My sister left the birthday party early because she had _____ (drink) too much Coca Cola and made herself sick.

  6. Last Sunday morning we discovered that the old boiler had _____ (spring) a leak.

  7. John went to the blackboard and _____ (draw) a picture of the playground.

  8. Don't call the world dirty because you _____ (forget) to clean your glasses.

  9. Jobie had _____ (string) a clothesline from the top of the trailer to the woodshed eaves.

  10. The group had _____ (begin) to split up into cliques and factions.

  11. Buddy had never _____ (ride) in a limousine before.

  12. "Habit is a cable; we _____ (weave) a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it." (Horace Mann)

  13. The paper reported that a major earthquake had _____ (shake) the interior of Mexico, killing thousands.

  14. When we were five years old, Mike and I solemnly _____ (swear) to remain friends forever.

  15. Moira had _____ (mean) to send her father a birthday card, but as usual she forgot.

  16. The force of the shock from the explosion _____ (break) every window in the old school building.

  17. Uncle Bert had _____ (go) to the post office at lunch time but never came back.

  18. Trying to be good Samaritans had _____ (bring) us nothing but trouble.

  19. The student insisted that someone had _____ (steal) his sunglasses, but everyone could see that they were still sitting on top of his head.

  20. Walt Disney claimed that he loved Mickey Mouse more than any woman he had ever _____ (know).

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