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Editing Exercise: Correcting Sentence Fragments II

Unedited Version of the Paragraph "Why Do We Keep Pets?"


This exercise (like Correcting Sentence Fragments I) offers practice in identifying and correcting needless sentence fragments during the editing stage of the writing process.

The following paragraph contains three needless sentence fragments. First, identify the three fragments, and then correct each one--either by attaching it to an adjacent sentence or by turning the fragment itself into a complete sentence. When you're done, compare your corrected sentences with those in the edited version of the paragraph on page two.

Why Do We Keep Pets? (unedited version)

Most American families have at least one member who never works, seldom speaks, and spends most of the day either eating or sleeping. No, I'm not talking about your brother or crazy Uncle Carl, but our pets--our dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, and fish. Why do so many of us keep these lazy and unproductive creatures in our homes? Most people would agree that pets are ideal companions for young and old alike. Studies demonstrating that pets give the elderly a sense of security and companionship. Which may help them overcome loneliness. In some cases, the enthusiasm and devotion of a pet dog can actually make sick persons feel better. At times, feeding the fish, walking the dog, or putting the cat out at night. These activities can teach young children a sense of responsibility. Our pets may not contribute to the family income, but I know from experience that they give us a great deal in terms of comfort and companionship.

When you have completed this exercise, compare your corrected sentences with those in the edited version of the paragraph on page two.

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