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controlled English



One of the simplified versions of the English language (such as ASD Simplified Technical English), characterized by a restricted core vocabulary and a limited range of simple sentence structures, developed to communicate with an international audience. See also:


  • "Controlled English can cope with commercial and technical information, like installation instructions, maintenance and repair instructions, operating procedures, and various types of descriptive writing. Controlled English can not cope with theoretical discussions, arguments about data, or with very abstract analyses. . . . Nevertheless, even if we have to present complex information, we should keep the principles of control clearly in mind as we prepare to communicate with international audiences."
    (John Kirkman, Good Style: Writing for Science and Technology, Taylor & Francis, 1992)

  • "Most versions of controlled English specify which grammatical structures are allowed and which terms are allowed, as well as how those terms may be used. . . . In the development of Global English, the emphasis has been on identifying grammatical structures and terms that should be avoided . . ..

    "When texts conform to the guidelines and terminology restrictions of the more restrictive forms of controlled English, the style and rhythm of those texts differs noticeably from the style and rhythm of unrestricted technical English. By contrast, most readers don't notice anything different about the style and rhythm of texts that conform to the Global English guidelines."
    (John R. Kohl, The Global English Style Guide, SAS Publishing, 2008)
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