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Sentence Building With Simple Modifiers

Combining Sentences With Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositional Phrases


In this exercise you will apply the basic strategies outlined in Introduction to Sentence Combining. If you run into problems, you may find it helpful to review the following pages:

Combine the sentences in each set into a single clear sentence containing at least one modifier: an adjective, an adverb, or a prepositional phrase. Omit words that are needlessly repeated, but don't leave out any important details.

When you have completed the exercise, compare your new sentences with those on page two.

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  1. The boxer finally admitted defeat.
    The boxer was weary.
    The boxer was dejected.

  2. Benny stood in line.
    Benny stood patiently.
    Benny stood for two hours.
    The line was at the soup kitchen.

  3. We walked down to a souvenir shop.
    The shop was on the waterfront.
    We walked down after breakfast.
    The breakfast was in our hotel room.

  4. The judge delivered her verdict.
    Her delivery was brief.
    Her delivery was solemn.
    Her delivery was stern.
    The verdict was awful.

  5. Addiction to opiates developed from the abuse of alcohol.
    This happened frequently.
    This happened in the United States.
    This happened during the nineteenth century.
    This happened during the early decades of the twentieth.

  6. The preacher preached a sermon, all moans and shouts and cries and picture of hell.
    The sermon was wonderful.
    The sermon was rhythmical.
    The cries were lonely.
    The pictures of hell were dire.

  7. A man stood upon my office threshold.
    The man was motionless.
    The man was young.
    The man was pallidly neat.
    The man was pitiably respectable.
    The man was incurably forlorn.

  8. The horse danced about.
    But the rider held the reins.
    And the rider spoke.
    The horse danced nervously.
    The rider was young.
    The reins were held firmly.
    The rider spoke softly.

  9. Reverend Dobson was a man.
    He had dark eyes.
    He had hands that fluttered like protesting doves when he preached.
    He was a delicate man.
    He was a young man.
    His dark eyes were great.
    His hands were small.
    His hands were white.
    His hands were shapely.

  10. He was short, somewhat pockmarked.
    He had red hair.
    He had bleary eyes.
    He had a bald patch.
    He had wrinkles.
    His eyes were rather dim.
    His bald patch was small.
    The wrinkles were deep.
    The wrinkles were on both sides of his cheeks.
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