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Top 10 Blogs for Writers, Editors, and Teachers of Writing


Many professional writers, editors, and teachers rely on blogs to engage in online conversations about the nature of language and the writing process. Here you'll find links to 10 of the more popular, useful, and authoritative blogs.

1. Language Log

This engaging language site hosted by linguists Mark Liberman and Geoffrey K. Pullum (authors of Far from the Madding Gerund and Other Dispatches from Language Log) has been running strong since 2003.

2. World Wide Words

Since 1996, freelance lexicographer Michael Quinion (author of Why is Q Always Followed by U?) has kept track of new words, topical words, and weird words (that is, "words that refer to obscure or outlandish subjects, are in themselves rare, or which look odd").

3. You Don't Say

Veteran copy editor John McIntyre (former head of the copy desk at The Baltimore Sun) is an exceptionally smart, entertaining, and open-minded stickler for correct usage.

4. The Editor's Desk

Andy Bechtel, who teaches editing and writing at UNC-Chapel Hill, discusses "editing and writing of all sorts" for the benefit of anyone "who loves words and the news."

5. Macmillan Dictionary Blog

The editors and guest writers at the Macmillan Dictionary Blog "explore a wide range of topics related to English as it is used around the world, and hope to be of interest and relevance to the international community of English speakers."

6. Figures of Speech Served Fresh

Jay Heinrichs (author of Word Hero and Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion) "rips the innards out of things people say and reveals the rhetorical tricks and pratfalls."

7. Blogging Pedagogy

A blog about pedagogy and English studies, by faculty and students at the University of Texas at Austin.

8. Ask a Linguist

Operated by the Institute for Language Information and Technology at Eastern Michigan University, Ask a Linguist is "a place where anyone interested in language or linguistics can ask a question and, if approved, get responses from a panel of professional linguists."

9. Legal Writing Prof Blog

Dr. Nancy Soonpaa (professor of law at Texas Tech), Dr. Sue Liemer (assistant professor of law at Southern Illinois University), and Dr. Mark E. Wojcik (professor of law at John Marshall Law School) maintain this blog for their colleagues in the legal profession--but you don't have to be a lawyer to benefit from their sound advice on writing.

10. Style & Substance

This monthly bulletin has been hosted by the The Wall Street Journal since 1987. Learn to recognize (and avoid) overworked expressions before they become full-fledged journalistic clichés.
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