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Correcting Phrase Fragments


This exercise will give you practice in writing clear, complete sentences by correcting unnecessary phrase fragments.

For each set of sentences below, correct the fragment(s) in two different ways:

  • Combine the sentences and fragments to make one clear, complete sentence.
  • By adding a subject or a verb (or both), turn each phrase into a complete sentence.
When you are done, compare your responses with the suggested answers on page two.

  1. Boogie-woogie is the most physical piano rhythm.
    In the world of jazz.

  2. The word boogie comes from African-American slang and means to dance very rhythmically.
    Using the whole body as opposed to only the feet and legs.

  3. It is possible that boogie derives from the West African Kongo word mbugi.
    Meaning "devilishly good."

  4. Over the repeated, rocking left-hand rhythm.
    The right hand plays percussive phrases and chords.

  5. The style probably grew out of early blues accompaniments.
    On banjo, guitar, or piano.

  6. Considered low class during the first few decades of this century.
    Boogie-woogie was generally confined to barrelhouses, dance halls, and houses of ill-repute.

  7. In a Chicago dance hall brawl over a woman.
    It was there that Clarence "Pine Top" Smith (1904-1929) was shot dead only three months after he had recorded "Pine Top's Boogie-Woogie."

  8. "Pine Top's Boogie-Woogie" gave the whole genre its name.
    And also defined the main characteristics of the rocking style.
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