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Sentence Building With Coordinators


In this exercise you will apply the strategies introduced in Coordinating Words, Phrases, and Clauses.

By coordinating words, phrases, and/or clauses, combine the sentences in each set into a single clear sentence. Use any coordinating conjunctions or correlative conjunctions that you think are appropriate. Omit words that are needlessly repeated, but don't leave out any important details. If you run into problems, you may find it helpful to review the following pages:

After you have completed the exercise, compare your new sentences with the original sentences on page two. Keep in mind that many combinations are possible, and in some cases you may prefer your own sentences to the original versions.

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  1. The dancer was not tall.
    The dancer was not slender.
    The dancer was extremely elegant.

  2. The sound of an automobile horn is muffled.
    The sound is indistinct.
    The sound seems part of another world.

  3. A few of the strikers obeyed the court order.
    They returned to work.
    Most of the strikers remained on the picket line.

  4. Merdine may be down at the Confidence Bar & Grill.
    Merdine may be over at the Chelsea Drugstore.
    Merdine is at one of these two places.

  5. The winds dispersed.
    The rain slackened to a drizzle and a mist.
    The clouds fell apart.
    The sun shone through.

  6. The girl was little.
    She pressed her nose against the window.
    The window was icy.
    She giggled with delight.
    She had never seen snow before.

  7. The waitress tugged the pencil out of her hair.
    Her hair was lacquered.
    She licked the pencil point.
    She flicked over her bill pad.
    She asked if she could take our order.

  8. He turned.
    He pushed the bottom strand of wire.
    He pushed it down to the ground.
    He pushed it with his foot.
    He held the middle strand up.
    He held it up with his hands.
    He did this so Ed and I could walk through.

  9. Papa would sit on the front porch.
    Papa would sit after supper.
    Papa would sit on summer nights.
    The nights were warm.
    Papa would tell us stories.
    The stories were about ghosts.
    The stories were about witches.

  10. The sun would dry the dew.
    The dew was on the grass of the park
    The sun would soften the tar.
    The sun would bake the rooftops.
    The sun would brown us on the beaches.
    The sun would make us sweat.
    The sun would keep us from the flats.
    These were the flats of the tenements.
    The flats were tight.
    The flats were small.

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