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Threw, Through, and Thru

Commonly Confused Words


Threw is the simple past tense of the verb throw. (Buddy threw the ball.)

Through can function as an adjective, adverb, or preposition, each with a variety of meanings. Through often suggests a passage—from start to finish, or from point A to point B. (Buddy walked through the museum.)

Thru is an informal spelling of through--more appropriate in a text message than in a formal essay or report.


  • Lena threw me a kiss as she ran out the door.

  • She came in through the bathroom window.

  • I’ll call you when I’m through [or, in a text message, thru] writing my essay.

  • Have you read through the article I left you?


(a) Earl drove _____ a red light.

(b) Merdine _____ a coin into the fountain and made a wish.

(c) I’m _____ listening to your excuses.

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