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Limp and Limpid

Commonly Confused Words


The verb limp means to walk lamely or move with difficulty. Similarly, the noun limp means an awkward or irregular gait. The adjective limp means lacking in strength or firmness.

The adjective limpid means clear, transparent, or untroubled.


  • After the camels are unsaddled and hobbled, they limp away to nibble on nearby shrubs.

  • One of my dog's legs is shorter than the others, so she runs with a limp.

  • Mary's face sagged in a limp expression of utter fatigue.

  • I watched tiny fish darting about in the still, limpid pond.


(a) With an obvious _____, Sven trudged through the snow to the barn.

(b) Some readers believe that Ernest Hemingway revolutionized writing with his spare, _____ prose.

(c) Without looking at me, Ms. Vanderbilt extended a _____ hand for me to shake.

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