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Faint and Feint

Commonly Confused Words


As both a noun and a verb, faint refers to a brief loss of consciousness. As an adjective, faint means lacking in strength, conviction, clarity, or brightness.

The noun feint refers to a mock attack or deceptive action meant to divert attention from one's real purpose.


  • Her voice was so faint that you could hardly hear it.

  • A faint city breeze came through the window of her hospital room.

  • The boxer grew bolder with every punch, every feint, every step.


(a) I saw the _____ sheen of sweat on his face.

(b) He scooted past the defender with a sly _____ and then kicked the ball into the net from seven yards.

(c) They had seen her cry before, but they had never seen her _____.

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