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Carat, Caret, and Carrot

Commonly Confused Words


The noun carat (or karat) refers to a unit of weight for precious stones or a measure of the purity of gold. A caret is a proofreading symbol (^) that indicates where something is to be inserted in a text. A carrot is an orange vegetable enjoyed by rabbits.


  • Stones weighing even slightly over one carat are worth considerably more than stones that weigh less.

  • The teacher placed a caret before the word "trouble" to show that a word had been left out of the sentence.

  • Unlike many other vegetables rich in beta-carotene, carrots are useful in both their raw and cooked states.


(a) For dinner we had _____ sticks, boiled potatoes, and a few microscopic slivers of chicken.

(b) The young movie star built a large home with 24-_____-gold-trimmed tiles in the swimming pool.

(c) The manager wore a Chopard watch and five-_____ diamond studs.

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