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Broach and Brooch

Commonly Confused Words


The noun broach refers to a tapered cutting tool or a hole made by such a tool. As a verb, broach means to pierce, open (up), or make known for the first time.

The noun brooch refers to an ornamental pin that's usually worn at the neck.

The two words are pronounced alike: brōch (rhymes with coach).


  • The broach has a series of cutting teeth along the axis of the tool.

  • The best time to broach the topic of a raise is on a slow day at work.

  • The princess wore a diamond brooch the size of a silver dollar.


(a) Because Ms. Widmark said she was there on business, the lawyer felt he should _____ the matter of his fees.

(b) Marie wore the emerald _____ that she had inherited from her grandmother.

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