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Bridal and Bridle

Commonly Confused Words


The adjective bridal refers to a bride or a wedding.

As a noun, bridle refers to the headgear used to guide a horse or (by extension) to anything that restrains or controls. As a verb, bridle means to bring something under control or to take offense or show resentment.


  • After the ceremony, the whole bridal train moved into the ballroom.

  • Unfortunately, many people remove the bridle by putting one hand between the horse's ears and pulling straight forward.

  • As someone once employed by a travel magazine, I might be expected to bridle at your suggestion that most travel writers are ignorant hacks.


(a) At first I would _____ at the critical comments on my essays, but eventually I realized that my teacher was right.

(b) Melinda chose to wear a classic white _____ gown.

(c) Like other reformers, he sought to curb the power of the trusts by placing the _____ of government regulation upon them.

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