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Aid and Aide

Commonly Confused Words


Aid and Aide

The verb aid means to assist: to provide what is needed to achieve a goal. The noun aid refers to a person or thing that provides assistance.

An aide (from aide-de-camp) is a person who acts as a helper or an assistant.


  • The United Nations appealed for donations to aid flood victims in Pakistan.

  • The United Nations called for nearly $500 million in aid for flood-ravaged Pakistan.

  • The retired general arrived on the arm of an aide who steadied him as he walked into the national assembly.


(a) An _____ to the majority leader said the legislation would come to the Senate floor by the end of the week.

(b) A secretary was hired to _____ the transition team.

(c) Rain was forecast to continue through the week, slowing _____ and rescue efforts.

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