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Rhetoric - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
Rhetoric is the study and practice of effective communication.
new rhetoric(s) - definition and examples of the new rhetorics
New rhetoric is a catch-all term for various efforts in the modern era to revive, redefine, and/or broaden the scope of classical rhetoric. Two major contributors to ...
confrontational rhetoric - definition and examples
Confrontational rhetoric is a broad term for strategies of persuasion and forms of communication that directly challenge the authority of an opponent.
Rhetoric - Definition and Examples of English Terms
Rhetoric has many definitions, and in today's society it can have negative connotations. That is why it may be confusing to you when you see that your English ...
Classical Rhetoric - Definition and Examples
The practice and teaching of rhetoric in ancient Greece and Rome from roughly the fifth century B.C. to the early Middle Ages.
composition-rhetoric - definition and examples of composition-rhetoric
The term composition-rhetoric emphasizes the function of rhetoric (with its 2,500- year tradition) as an underlying theory of composition ("a relatively new ...
An Overview of Classical Rhetoric - Origins, Branches, Canons ...
For a concise overview of the historical development of classical rhetoric, we invite you to read these six articles on some "clever" rhetoricians and key rhetorical ...
anti-rhetoric - definition and examples - Grammar & Composition
In argumentative speech or writing, the act of disparaging an opponent's use of language by characterizing it as rhetoric or oratory, with the implication that ...
Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric - Grammar & Composition - About.com
The study and practice of rhetoric during the nineteenth century, especially in North America and Europe.
Rhetoric Review Questions - Grammar & Composition - About.com
If you have been studying classical rhetoric, these 15 study questions will help you review some key concepts introduced by major figures in rhetorical history.
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