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Style in Prose - Definition and Discussion - Grammar and Composition
For more information about English prose style (including some of the traditional ways of identifying and classifying styles), see Definitions and Observations, ...
A Vigorous Prose Style, by Henry David Thoreau - From "A Week on ...
In this metaphorically rich passage, Thoreau discusses the virtues of a plain style, arguing that "steady labor with the hands" is the the most effective way of ...
Prose Definition and Examples - Grammar Glossary
... when I was a sixth-former trained me to study prose and verse critically not by setting down my comments but almost entirely by writing imitations of the style.
What Is the Running Style? - Sentence and Prose Styles - The ...
As Richard Lanham observes in Analyzing Prose (Continuum, 2003), the running style gives the appearance of a mind at work, making things up as it goes ...
Formal Prose Style - Definition and Examples
A formal prose style is typically used in scholarly books and articles, technical reports, research papers, and legal documents. Contrast with informal style.
HL Mencken's Hyperbolic Prose Style - Grammar and Composition
"The essence of a sound style is that it cannot be reduced to rules" ... Mencken's prose style is often marked by unrestrained hyperbole --an "extravagant ...
Readings on Rhetoric and Style - Grammar and Composition
A collection of essays and lectures on rhetoric and English prose style by Jonathan Swift, H.L. Mencken, William Hazlitt, Kurt Vonnegut, and many others.
Mark Twain's Colloquial Prose Style - Grammar and Composition
As for the style of the book, it is not less than definitive in American literature. The prose of Huckleberry Finn established for written prose the virtues of American ...
Fine Writing, by Logan Pearsall Smith - Essay on English Prose ...
The histories and associations of words, are, Mr. Read says, entirely irrelevant to prose-style, their face-value in current usage being their only value. The young ...
Ten Classic Essays on English Prose Style - Grammar and
Jun 14, 2010 ... Despite the changes in English prose over the past few centuries, we may still benefit from the stylistic observations of the old masters. Here ...
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