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Language: Definitions and Observations - Grammar and Composition
A human system of communication that uses arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. The study of language is called linguistics.
A Quirky Quiz on the English Language - Grammar and Composition
As these 15 quirky questions indicate, About Grammar & Composition covers a wide range of topics related to the English language. Take a few minutes to test ...
Six Common Myths About Language and Grammar
In the book Language Myths, a team of leading linguists set out to challenge some of the conventional wisdom about language and the way it works.
Languages and Nationalities - French Vocabulary - French Language
Learn how to talk about languages and nationalities in French.
Language Schools for German - German Language - About.com
Language schools and institutes for German. Summer, intensive and year-round courses all over the world.
Italian-English Dictionary - Italian Language - About.com
Just click on a letter and remember, the Italian alphabet contains twenty–one letters. The remaining five (j, k, w, x, y) are found in foreign words. Italian Language ...
French Language - About.com
Learn French at About.com with thousands of pages of free lessons, quizzes, sound files, study tips, and everything else you need to learn French.
The Ancient Languages of India and Pakistan
Because of the negative connotation of the term Aryan, Indic often replaces Indo- Aryan, so you might see Indic listed as a branch of the Indo-Iranian language ...
Italian Language Lessons - Lessons in Italian
Learn Italian with these free online Italian language lessons. Includes lessons on Italian grammar, lessons on Italian spelling and pronunciation, and lessons on ...
Foreign Language Requirement - College Admissions - About.com
Foreign Language Requirement - Learn how many years of a foreign language are required for college admissions. This article compares the foreign language ...
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