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Language: Definitions and Observations - Grammar and Composition
A human system of communication that uses arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. The study of language is called linguistics.
Six Common Myths About Language and Grammar
In the book Language Myths, a team of leading linguists set out to challenge some of the conventional wisdom about language and the way it works.
Five Theories on the Origins of Language - Grammar and Composition
What was the first language? How did language begin--and where and when? It's hard to imagine a cultural phenomenon that's more important than the ...
Directory of Spanish Language Immersion Schools
There is perhaps no better or quicker way to become adept at the Spanish language than to attend an immersion language school. Our directory includes ...
Introduction to French - Basic information about French language ...
If you've ever wondered where French came from and how it fits in with other languages, here is some basic information.
Language Schools - Italian Language - About.com
Many colleges and universities world-wide offer such majors as Italian Language , Literature, and Linguistics. For those serious about learning Italian, studying ...
Language Schools for German - German Language - About.com
Language schools and institutes for German. Summer, intensive and year-round courses all over the world.
Spain's Linguistic Diversity — Languages of Spain Other Than ...
True, Spanish is the national language and the only language you can use if you want to be understood almost everywhere. But Spain also has three other ...
Learn English as a Second Language
Learn English with the About.com guide to English as a 2nd language (ESL / EFL ). Learn English using resources including English grammar explanations, ...
Which Languages Are Spoken in Spain? - Spain Travel - About.com
¿Hablas Español? Good, that'll get you far, but you may still find yourself at a loss when reading some signs and menus as there is a number of languages in ...
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