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Language: Definitions and Observations - Grammar & Composition
A human system of communication that uses arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. The study of language is called linguistics.
Metaphorical Perspectives on Language - Grammar & Composition
The following metaphorical observations on language, drawn from the works of various writers and scholars, take us beyond simple definitions.
English Language: Definition, Examples, and Discussions
The primary language of several countries (including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and a second language in a ...
Six Common Myths About Language and Grammar
In the book Language Myths, a team of leading linguists set out to challenge some of the conventional wisdom about language and the way it works.
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) - Definitions
A traditional term for the use or study of the English language by non-native speakers in countries where English is generally not a local medium of ...
Language Acquisition - Definition and Examples
By the age of six, children have usually mastered most of the basic vocabulary and grammar of their first language. See Examples and Observations, below.
French Language - About.com
Learn French at About.com with thousands of pages of free lessons, quizzes, sound files, study tips, and everything else you need to learn French.
Understanding Body Language: What Does Posture Tell Us?
Posture, or how we hold our bodies, can serve as an important part of body language. Page 7 of 9 in the series.
Five Theories on the Origins of Language - Grammar & Composition
What was the first language? How did language begin--and where and when? It's hard to imagine a cultural phenomenon that's more important than the ...
Understanding Body Language: What Gestures Tell Us - Psychology
Gestures can be some of the most direct and obvious body language signals. But some differ from culture to culture. Page 5 of 9 pages on body language.
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