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Rhetoric and Style - Grammar and Composition - About.com
Rhetoric and style are ancient arts--of persuasion, expression, and effective communication--that are just as valuable to writers today as they were to students in ...
Style - Definition of Rhetorical Devices - Grammar and Composition
Known as lexis in Greek and elocutio in Latin, style was one of the five traditional canons or subdivisions of classical rhetorical training. For more information ...
The Five Canons of Classical Rhetoric - Grammar and Composition
Brief explanations of the five canons of rhetoric: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery.
Readings on Rhetoric and Style - Grammar and Composition
A collection of essays and lectures on rhetoric and English prose style by Jonathan Swift, H.L. Mencken, William Hazlitt, Kurt Vonnegut, and many others.
Asiatic - Definition and Discussions of Asiatic Style in Rhetoric
In classical rhetoric, a wordy and highly ornamented style. Contrast with Attic. The term Asiatic arose in the mid-first century BC to describe the rhetoric of Greek ...
running style - definition and examples of the running style in rhetoric
In rhetoric, a sentence style that appears to follow the mind as it worries a problem through, mimicking the "rambling, associative syntax of conversation" ...
Attic - definition and discussions of Attic rhetoric and style
In classical rhetoric, a brief, witty, sometimes epigrammatic style--as opposed to the ... and slight gesticulation are typical of an orator speaking in the plain style.
middle style - definition and examples of middle style
In classical rhetoric, speech or writing that falls between the extremes of the plain style and the grand style.
What Is a Tricolon? - Grammar and Composition - About.com
As defined in our Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms, a tricolon is a ... Now, does Mort Zuckerman make a habit of mimicking the prose style of the ...
Questions & Answers About Rhetoric and Style
If you have been studying classical rhetoric, these 15 study questions will help you review some key concepts introduced by major figures in rhetorical history.
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