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Exercises and Quizzes - Grammar and Composition - About.com
Here you will find (1) tests and exercises that offer additional practice in correctly and effectively building sentences and paragraphs, and (2) reading quizzes ...
Punctuation Exercises - Applying the Rules of Punctuation
These exercises offer practice in applying the rules of punctuation. ... The five questions in this mini-quiz will give you an opportunity to review some of the basic ...
Quiz on Commonly Confused Verbs and Verb Forms - A Sentence ...
Quiz on Commonly Confused Verbs and Verb Forms. A Sentence-Completion Exercise. By Richard Nordquist · Grammar & Composition Expert. Share this.
German Games and Quizzes - German Language - About.com
Most of our games, quizzes, and exercises are self-scoring. You can see your score immediately after entering your answers. In addition, for most of our games  ...
Exercise Quiz: What's Your Fitness Personality? Find out about your ...
This quiz helps you figure out which activities you'll enjoy the most to help you ... If you're getting started with an exercise program, it may be tough to figure out ...
Conditional Forms Quiz - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Conditional forms quiz tests your knowledge of the first, second and third conditional forms for real, unreal and imagined past situations. >
French Tests and Quizzes
This automatic-scoring quiz will ask up to 200 questions on 20 different confusing ... Check your ability to understand spoken French with these exercises.
Advanced Level Quizzes - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Australia: Missing Word Quiz Fill in the missing word in this reading excerpt about Australia. This type of examination exercise is common to upper level English ...
English Listening Exercises - Beginner ESL English EFL Level ...
English Listening Quizzes: A Survey - 2. You will hear a woman asking a man questions for a survey. Write down the answers to the questions she asks. You will ...
English Listening Quizzes - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Listening Quiz Repository at esl.about.com covering a number of areas. ... English Listening Exercises - Upper Intermediate Level Listening Quiz · Table Tennis ...
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