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Glossary of Usage - Index of Commonly Confused Words
Here in our Glossary of Usage you'll find more than 300 sets of commonly confused words--with links to definitions, examples, and practice exercises that should ...
Commonly Confused Words - Glossary of Usage
Our Glossary of Usage contains more than 300 sets of commonly confused words --with definitions, examples, and practice exercises to help you keep these ...
Review Quiz - Commonly Confused Words - Grammar and ...
As we've seen, it's easy to confuse words that are similar in sound, spelling, or meaning. But if you have studied our Glossary of Usage: Commonly Confused ...
The Big Quiz on Commonly Confused Words
In our Glossary of Usage you will find more than 300 sets of confusables--words that are commonly mixed up because they look and sound alike. In the glossary ...
Commonly Confused Words - For ESL Students and Classes
This list of commonly confused words has been specifically developed for ESL learners and contains the most commonly confused words.
Quiz on 20 Commonly Confused Words - Grammar and Composition
In our Glossary of Usage you'll find more than 150 sets of commonly confused words. To test your familiarity with 20 of these word pairs, take a few minutes to do ...
Quiz on Idioms and Commonly Confused Words
This quiz will help you recognize some common English idioms and choose correctly between some commonly confused words.
Commonly Confused Words: Compound Confusables - One Word or ...
Here we'll look at ten examples of compound confusables: words that mean one thing when written as a single word and something a bit different when written ...
Your and You're - Glossary of Usage - Commonly Confused Words ...
If it does not make sense, then the word you intended to write is your." (Philip Gooden, Who's Whose: A No-Nonsense Guide to to Easily Confused Words.
Its and It's - Commonly Confused Words - Grammar and Composition
"Its is a unique construction because this possessive word quite frequently gets mistaken for its cousin it's. To keep the meanings straight, you need to remember  ...
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