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Argument (Rhetoric) - Definitions and Examples
A course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating truth or falsehood. Argument is one of the traditional modes of discourse. Adjective: argumentative. Daniel J.
Conclusion (Argument) - Definition and Examples
The proposition that follows logically from the major and minor premises in a syllogism. An argument is successful when the premises are true (or believable)  ...
Argument (Linguistics) - Grammar and Composition - About.com
In English, a verb typically requires from one to three arguments. The number of arguments required by a verb is the valency of that verb. In addition to the ...
Argument Definition - Excel Spreadsheets Glossary
In spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Google Spreadsheets, arguments are used in the programs' built in formulas called functions. The arguments are ...
Argument & Rhetoric - Premises, Inferences & Conclusions
When people create and critique arguments, it's helpful to understand what an argument is and is not. Sometimes an argument is seen as a verbal fight, but that  ...
Inductive Argument - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy - Inductive Argument.
deductive argument - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy - Deductive Argument.
Argument and Logic FAQs - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
What is an argument? What is an explanation? What are logical fallacies? In order to debate well on just about any topic and think critically about all of the ...
Function Arguments in Excel - Definition and Examples
For the IF function, the logic test must be a comparison of some sort, while the value if true and value if false arguments can be numbers, text, or even other IF ...
How To Tell When Arguments Are Valid and/or Sound
Assuming that we have established that we have an actual argument, the next step is to examine it for validity. There are two points on which an argument might  ...
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