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Word Lengthening, Folk Linguistics, and Logonomic Rules: There's a Name for It (#27)

By September 2, 2013

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In our ever-expanding Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms, you'll find a name for . . .

  • the conventions governing speech in a particular setting--such as who is allowed to speak and who's allowed to interrupt or change the subject: logonomic rules

  • a construction in which one grammatical element (a noun, for instance) is accompanied by another (such as an adjective): modification

  • the study of speakers' opinions and beliefs about language, language varieties, and language usage: folk linguistics

  • a mixture of English and German words commonly used in German-speaking countries: Denglish or Denglisch

  • the degree of esteem or social value attached to certain languages, dialects, or features of a language variety: prestige

  • an affix that's added to a word to make a new word or a new form of a word, such as the addition of -ful to the noun beauty to create the adjective beautiful: derivational morpheme

  • the act of removing or restating any material in a text that might be considered offensive to some readers: bowdlerism

  • extending or prolonging the sound of a word (as in the text message What are you doooooing? I misssss youuuuu!): word lengthening

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