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Richard Nordquist

15 New Exercises and Quizzes (Winter 2013)

By February 22, 2013

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Here are 15 grammar, usage, and rhetoric exercises recently added to our collection of Exercises and Quizzes. To view any of these worksheets without ads, click on the printer icon near the top of each page.

  1. Expanding Sentences With Adjectives and Adverbs

  2. Practice in Using the Present and Past Forms of "Be"

  3. Practice in Changing Verbs From Passive to Active Voice

  4. Practice in Identifying Indirect Objects

  5. Practice in Identifying Subject and Object Complements

  6. The Comma Quiz

  7. The Apostrophe Quiz

  8. Practice in Using Apostrophes Correctly

  9. Practice in Forming Contractions

  10. Figurative Language Exercise: Metaphors and Similes

  11. Figurative Language Exercise: Personification

  12. Exercise in Identifying Sound Effects in Poetry and Prose

  13. Exercise in Organizing a Process Analysis Essay

  14. Sentence Combining Exercise: Ernie Munger's Run

  15. Pompous Proverbs: An Exercise in Brevity and Clarity

Exercise Updates in 2012:


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