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Sluicing, Diazeugma, and Telicity: There's a Name for It (#20)

By July 4, 2012

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In our extensive Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms, you'll find a name for . . .

  • a subject that appears at the end of a sentence, after the main verb: delayed subject

  • the aspectual property of a verb phrase which indicates that an action or event has a clear endpoint: telicity

  • a bogus entry deliberately inserted in a reference work as a safeguard against copyright infringement: Mountweazel

  • a sentence construction in which a single subject is accompanied by multiple verbs: diazeugma

  • a mocking or facetious reply that employs word play: asteismus

  • a type of ellipsis in which an interrogative element is understood as a complete question: sluicing

  • the redundant use of a word that is already included in an acronym or initialism (such as "PIN number"): RAS syndrome

  • an infinitive construction in which the agent either appears in a prepositional phrase after the verb or is not identified at all: passive infinitive

More Words About Words:

Image: examples of telicity and atelicity


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